Pole Welding UK & Worldwide

Pole Welding UK & Worldwide

We are Non Destructive Testing and Welding Consultants

Pole NDT UK & Worldwide

Pole NDT UK & Worldwide

Expert Advice and Scientific Analysis

Pole NDT welding UK & Worldwide

Pole NDT welding UK & Worldwide

Inspections and Testing for Quality and Safety

Non Destructive Testing in the UK and Worldwide

When you require a scientific analysis of your materials, components or systems, that does not cause damage, Pole Non Destructive Testing and Welding Consultants Ltd offer worldwide non destructive testing services to the marine and mechanical engineering industries, harbours, boat owners, bridges, insurance inspection and engine surveys to ensure quality and safety.

Non destructive testing NDT

Non Destructive Testing for Metals, Plastics etc

Our Welding Consultancy services carry out non destructive testing techniques on a range of materials from alloys, metals, and plastics, GRP, and on varying configurations from pipe work, petroleum, gas to welds and forgings and castings. Without damage to the articles themselves, we are able to test for flaws and a wide variety of issues and weaknesses. The trained eye will spot many flaws but for all others we use ultra sonic, magnetic particle and dye Penetrant inspection techniques. 

All our techniques have their own applications.  We can offer you an independent non destructive testing service anywhere in the world.  Be assured that with 25 years experience in the constructional steel industry, we offer thorough non destructive testing to discover any flaws which may compromise the quality of your end product.

Global Services for Non Destuctive Testing

Based in the south of the UK, our non destructive testing services are carried out worldwide. A welding consultancy that finds the optimum solutions for your product.  Our consultancy services are available for steel fabricators, welders, ship builders, and welding co-ordination duties to BS EN 1090 BS EN ISO 3834.

With an oustanding track record of non destructive testing, call us with confidence.  Pole NDT Worldwide from the UK - Our specialist non destructive testing services will give you impartial advice for any practical industrial application.

Welding Consultancy Sussex

Pole NDT offer specialist Welding Consultancy services in Sussex carrying out scientific analysis of any flaws in your machine parts, systems and components.  We are an independent welding consultancy based in Sussex but we travel worldwide to carry out inspections on on the integrity of your welding and finding imperfections in your product.  If you require independent welding inspections and non destructive testing, plus welder training to approved standards please call our welding consultancy in Sussex UK for advice and help. You don't have to be in Sussex to take advantage of our welding inspections - we are able to travel all around the UK and worldwide offering a welding consultancy services testing for flaws in most types of industrial applications.