Dye Penetrant Inspection - DPI

dye penetrant inspection dpiDye Penetrant Inspection is a low-cost and fast method of detecting surface breaking defects in metals and other mediums.

If your product is subject to casting, forging and welding defects on the surface, dye penetrant inspection which is based on capillary action will detect surface-breaking flaws only. 

Dye Penetrant Inspection does have its limitations but can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous materials including plastics and ceramics.

DPI - How it's done

The Inspection starts with a clean and dry surface, and the test itself will take up to 30 minutes to perform. 

After applying the dye on the surface of the product, then wiping off the excess, a white developer is applied which draws the penetrant dye out from the defects in the material. using a strong light, or Ultraviolet lamp, and low ambient light, the inspector will be able to observe any bleeding or pooling of the dye and the expert eye will be able to ascertain the nature of the defect from the result.

Dye penetrant inspection is normally best carried out on smooth surfaces that will not be stained by the dye.

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