Ultrasonic Inspection UT/Thickness Testing

ultra sonic inspection UTOn many items a visual inspection is not enough to determine/detect imperfections and for sub-surface testing this is where the Ultrasonic Testing is most useful.

Pole Non Destructive Testing Consultants can visit your site and carry out Ultrasonic Inspections on a range of materials from alloys, metals, and plastics, GRP, and on  varying configurations from pipe work, petroleum, gas pipes, welds, forgings and castings. 

During ultrasonic testing short ultrasonic pulse-waves of varying frequencies from 0.1-15 MHz up to 50Mhz scan through the test piece, which detects any internal flaws inside the object.

Ultrasonic inspection is used on 

  • steel
  • metals
  • alloys
  • composite materials

Ultrasonic Inspection methods are most useful to the manufacturing, metallurgy, steel construction industry, aerospace industry, and transportation industry.  

Where faults compromising material integrity may be found and high quality counts, call us for non destructive testing of your product. 

Send samples through the post, for expert UT testing.

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